Our clients have varying profiles and needs. Here are some testimonials of recent clients who have been helped by A Place To Turn.“The cost of oil has created a great hardship for our family. When we go to A Place To Turn all the staff are very welcoming and friendly. A Place To Turn provides us with such a sense of relief because my family will have healthy choices for their meals for several weeks.”

– A Single Mother of Two Children


After her husband passed away two years ago, Angela was faced with the difficult task of raising her 5 children, ages 2-17, all alone. Between utilities, rent, clothing for the kids, and transportation, she regularly runs out of money before the end of the month. Angela says, “Without A Place To Turn there would have been many times when I would not have had enough money to feed my children. I struggle every day, but just knowing there are supportive, caring people I can come to for help gives me hope to go on.”

– A Single Mother of Five Children


“A Place To Turn deals with a diverse group of people and the food they provide is
priceless. The staff is pleasant and they provide a great service. They make sure the family is fed. I really appreciate you asking my opinion.”


“I like that you offer healthy options.”


“I like the ability to choose what I want. I’m appreciative of every bit of help I can get but other pantries hand you a bag of food that you may not like. Sometimes I even bring some of it back because I won’t use it”

“Choice is key.”