About Us

A Place To Turn was established in 1979. The founders were among the first to recognize that economic hardship exists in the suburbs and is not exclusively an urban problem. The food pantry began as a fledgling entity in the basement of a private home, moved briefly to St. Patrick Church in Natick, and in 1981 settled at its present location in a small cape on the grounds of the Hartford Street Presbyterian Church in Natick.
A Place To Turn Staff
  • Joanne Barry, Executive Director
  • Donna Low, Assistant Director
  • Sharon Buenaventura, Site Coordinator Manager
  • Karen McCullough, Site Coordinator
  • Linda Garmon, Outreach Coordinator
Board of Directors
  • Deborah Lang, President
  • Hilary Ginsburg, Vice President
  • Jennifer Lawrence, Treasurer
  • Ellen Marston, Secretary
  • John Sasonoff, Board Member
  • John Townsend, Board Member
  • Natalie Ananias, Board Member
  • Prachi Gupta, Board Member
  • Becky Gladstone, Board Member
  • Wanubia DaSilva, Board Member
  • Pedro Oliveira, Student Board Member