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Referral Process Copy

A Place To Turn operates as part of the community human services network, working through a referral system. Our referral is not available online. Please call 508-655-8868 or email

Referring sources include individuals in the fields of social and human services, clergy, school personnel and health care professionals.

A complete referral should be presented for each client visit.

  • Complete a referral form, and give to the client to bring to the food pantry at their visit
  • Fax the information to (508)-653-7122
  • Accompany a client to A Place To Turn

New Operating Procedures Under COVID-19

As we operate under our Emergency Plan, we are serving families every 30 days. No referrals are necessary at this time. Please visit our website often to receive the most up-to-date information regarding referral operations.

What You Need

  • Referral Form*
  • Address Verification
    • Copy of current bill
    • Copy of current lease

* Referrals can come from social service agencies, school personnel, or health care professionals.