APTT is celebrating our 40th year of service to the community.

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September 15 from 2-5pm

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What our clients have to say...
  • A Place to Turn deals with a diverse group of people and the food they provide is priceless. The staff is pleasant and they provide a great service. They make sure the family is fed. I really appreciate you asking my opinion.

    - Another satisfied client,
  • I like the ability to choose what I want. I’m appreciative of every bit of help I can get but other pantries just hand you a bag of food that you may not like. Sometimes I even bring some of it back because I won’t use it.

    - Another satisfied client,
  • As a vegan its hard to find food but the food I get here helps my family since they eat meat and dairy. I have to read labels a lot but they eat almost anything.

    - Another satisfied client,
  • Everything is wonderful here. I don’t have any complaints. The volunteers are wonderful and I never have to wait a long time which is nice.

    - Another satisfied client,
  • The fresh vegetables help a lot because I am on WIC which only gives us a couple things so it doesn’t last the whole month, now I have more to feed my baby.

    - Another satisfied client,
  • The food is healthier, it helps a family to stay together and communicate more. Also, it helps my daughter to study because of feeling better because of good food.

    - Another satisfied client,