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Eat Smart with MyPlate

Our goal is to provide families with up to 1 week’s worth of food that adheres to the USDA MyPlate standards. This goal means we work hard to provide clients with fresh produce and perishable items, and our pantry shelves are labeled with the food group symbols.


Healthy Families

Our Healthy Learners: Feed the body, Feed the mind grant provides extra food for families with school-age children. These families receive about $50 worth of additional food – breakfast, lunch, and snack items.

51% of our families receive the Healthy Learners Grant.

“The extra food helps a lot. I have 2 kids who I send to school with snacks and lunch, so every little bit helps.”

“Sometimes my mom comes home from work late because she needs to work so much to support us, and she wouldn’t have the time to buy breakfast food. But that cabinet in the house with the extra food from APTT is like our emergency food.”

Eat Fresh

Providing fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to our pantry clients is a priority at A Place To Turn. This program is an effective way to increase the quantity and nutritional impact of the food we distribute.